Sam Howard Sam is a developer at IDRsolutions who specialises in font rendering and conversion. He's also enjoyed working with SVG, Java 3D, Java FX and Swing.


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Using OS X’s font validator

Due to a recent problem with a font on OSX, I found myself investigating OSX’s font validator. It actually ships with one which is...
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Two books about Design for Developers

At some point in almost every software developer’s life – even if it’s just for a personal project – there comes a time when...
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What Java developers need to know about Windows 8

With the upcoming release of Windows 8.1 I thought it might be a good idea to take a look at what both Windows 8...
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OTS Sanitiser for OpenType: The friendly bouncer

We’ve mentioned the Sanitiser for OpenType (OTS) before, but have never really gone into detail about why it exists, what it does, and why...
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How to edit PDF files using Incremental Updates

Yesterday, Mark wrote about how wrong references tables can be. He’s also previously written about how to edit PDF files by adding a second...
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