Sophia Howard Sophia Howard is part of the Marketing, Sales and Website development team at IDRsolutions


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Top 5 gadgets for Christmas 2015

At IDR Solutions we are all looking forward to Christmas. Its that time of year again, so we can all take a look back...
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JavaOne Exhibitor Planning with Trello

In October this year we attended and exhibited at the world’s biggest Java conference (JavaOne) which is based in San Francisco. When exhibiting at...
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5 Minutes with the NetBeans Connector

Here at IDRSolutions we like to use the NetBeans IDE on a day to day basis to work on the development of our JPedal...
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My first visit to JavaOne (2015) – 5 Things I’m looking forward to the most!

Soon, I will be attending the best Java Event of the Year JavaOne. It is all the way over in San Francisco in the United...
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5 Things I hate about working with PDF Files

At IDR Solutions I spend a lot of time on the development of our Java PDF Library (JPedal)  and our PDF to HTML5 and SVG...
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