suda Senior Java EE Develope specialises in Pdf forms , Fonts, application servers and Image manipulation, meditates in spare time.


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XFA Forms Vs Swing Forms

I thought of sharing some interesting information regarding XFA Forms and places where consideration has to be taken when you attempt to convert XFA...
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XFA components structure and finding x,y coordinates

XFA components can be categorized mainly into Field components and non Field components (also known as static objects). Static components could be an image,...
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How to access external HTML resources in the GlassFish server

An alternate document root (docroot) allows for a web application to serve requests for certain resources from outside its own docroot. This is a...
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How do Browsers auto reverse the Right to left Text in Markup Languages

You might have encountered a situation where you tried to read from pdf or other text input streams and writing the raw data into...
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Fixing bugs in the Java JPEG2000 library – getting the source code to run

In 2 previous blog posts, my colleague Daniel wrote about finding a memory leak in the Java JPEG2000 library and the source code change....
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