Adobe is an American multinational computer software company, and the original creator of the PDF file Format.


Does Adobe have a future?

There is a very revealing article on the New York Times website about the last events of the last year and the future for...
Mark Stephens
29 sec read

Acrobat X is coming…

On 18th October, Adobe announced a new version of Acrobat (Acrobat X). It has been 2 years since Adobe released the Acrobat 9.0 family...
Mark Stephens
52 sec read

Tell Adobe what you like about Acrobat

Adobe has a put out a video inviting users to share they stories about what they like about Acrobat. It is organised by Lori...
Mark Stephens
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How do I find out the PDF version used

There have been several revisions of the PDF file specification, each backward compatible but adding new features. For example, version 1.6 added a new way to...
Mark Stephens
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Adobe’s thoughts on Open Source and Open Standards

Adobe is a very important player in not just the PDF arena but a whole host of critical areas. As the producers of Flash,...
Mark Stephens
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