Business of Software is a two and a half day conference for independent software vendors to gather, discuss and learn from each other and some of the most highly regarded thinkers in the industry.

BOS conference

Bos2010 highlights – Meeting interesting people

I am a snob – I like to hang out with intelligent, interesting people. In 2008 I was in two minds about whether to...
Mark Stephens
43 sec read


I was lucky enough to be at  Bos2010 last week and still feeling a bit shell-shocked by it all. There are some really good...
Mark Stephens
50 sec read

Bos2010 final day

Bos2010 finished today with three talks which were both informed and very personal. Dan Bricklin told us all about how he created Visicalc and...
Mark Stephens
55 sec read

Bos conference – Day 2

I was on the talking rota today so recommend you check out the excellent reports at . The quality of the talks today...
Mark Stephens
11 sec read

BoS conference – what you are missing

The Bos conference (#Bos2010 on twitter)  is now onto day two and I afraid to report (rather smugly as I choose to attend) that you...
Mark Stephens
3 min read