Various conferences attended by the staff at IDR Solutions.


3 reasons to attend Business of Software Europe 2018

Last September I went to my first Business of Software conference in Boston. My colleagues said that once I had attended one event, I...
Bethan Palmer
2 min read

DevFest Istanbul 2017 Through Pictures

Yesterday I had the privilege of attending and speaking at my very first DevFest – an amazing event thanks to all the great people...
Georgia Ingham
23 sec read

My experience of a Turkish bath (visiting Istanbul for…

When I go to an event I always try and arrive a few days early so I can experience the location. This weekend I...
Mark Stephens
1 min read

Three things I learned at Devoxx

Throughout Devoxx Belgium, I attended many talks on an array of topics. Writing about everything I learned would produce a novel rather than a...
Ovidijus Okinskas
3 min read

Pictures from Thursday at Devoxx

Here are our pictures from Thursday at Devoxx. You can find our pictures from Monday here, Tuesday hereĀ and Wednesday here. Day four of Devoxx...
Ovidijus Okinskas
54 sec read