A way of viewing content in the PDF Format, the most common known one is the Adobe Acrobat Reader.


PDF with odd Type3 fonts in Ghostscript 8.50

As the developers of a PDF renderer, we spend a lot of time analysing PDF files and working out exactly what is going on....
Mark Stephens
1 min read

Upgrading PDF viewer plugin to NetBeans 6.8

The NetBeans platform continues to come on in leaps and bounds and 6.8 is the most polished version version yet.Because we produce a free...
Mark Stephens
1 min read

JPedalFX – a JavaFX PDF Viewer

During a recent trip to Sun Microsystems’ customer briefing centre in London I sat through an enjoyable overview of JavaFX and its short-term future....
Sam Howard
56 sec read

Viewing PDF objects

Most of the time, you can just use a PDF file without thinking about what lies ‘under the bonnet’. But sometimes you want to...
Mark Stephens
59 sec read