Customer Review – How Qtree Solutions uses JPedal to turn PDFs into interactive presentations

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qtree-logo-transparantIn a change from the usual blog posts, today we have a guest blog post from Frederik Kaputa from Qtree Solutions a young innovative company with a bold desire to dive into the exciting world of mobile development.

Many thanks to Frederik Kaputa and everyone at Qtree Solutions for taking the time to share why JPedal is their perfect match for their boabee application.

About half a year ago we – Qtree Solutions – were looking for a decent add-on to integrate into our cloud platform. After some profound market research, we found JPedal as thé perfect match!

Let me first introduce Qtree Solutions. “We” are Qtree Solutions, a young innovative company with a bold desire to dive into the exciting world of mobile development. Our goal? Do what we are good at: create beautiful solutions, discover new domains, and last but not least, make our customers happy with “top of the shelf” products and services. Our customers’ origin is from the B2B world where mobile devices are increasingly maturing as 100% business tools.

What kind of add-on were we looking for? We created a fully integrated cloud-based platform to distribute all sorts of content to iOS devices ( via a set of 100% branded apps. All content is rendered into these apps, allowing our customers to present their content, and to manage their sales, events, or fair participation. One of the main content types used by roughly all of our customers is PDF as it is a cross-platform media type that can be used to produce high-quality content. Simply opening a PDF on an iOS device wasn’t adequate enough, so we decided to pre-process PDFs to make them more “presentable “. The only question was how. And that’s where a PDF-to-image transformation came up. If we could transform PDF pages automatically to high-quality PNG images we would be able to provide a fully integrated solution.

We saw two options: do-it-yourself or find-a-decent-library. We parked the first option quite fast, as it was a bit naive to think we could pull this off in a limited amount of time.

So our search for a perfect match started. As every developer knows reading and rendering PDF content from code can be a tedious task. So we started to look around for some libraries that could be integrated into our software framework with the following priorities in mind:

– It has to be Java

– Preferably Open Source

– The images extracted from the PDF content should represent the original content as much as possible. Of course 100% would be great, but we would settle for a decent 99%.

With these priorities in mind, we started to look around for some Java libraries and quickly found a few java libraries. The first tests were done with the available Open-Source libraries and the results were disappointing due to performance, stability and lack of rendering quality. After these tests, we decided that our main priority should be altered so rendering quality and Stability would become our highest priority.

Jpedal LogoSo we started to look into commercial options with the highest possible quality and an affordable price. We tried JPedal and found out that it integrates as a charm into our cloud platform and provided the best possible rendering quality. Our entire batch of test PDFs rendered with a mind-blowing 100% accuracy and JPedal performed additionally it had the performance compared to the other libraries we tested.

The support we required from JPedal was quick and accurate. Basically, we got up and running in no time and we encountered no problems in the PDF transformation whatsoever.

Our customers upload their PDF files to our dashboard where it is transformed into a fashionable iOS presentation. Basically, JPedal allows our customers to turn a PDF into a tappable interactive presentation! We will be looking into other capabilities of the JPedal library for new PDF to iOS applications.  Thanks, IDR Solutions!

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