Madalena Madalena is part of the Marketing and Sales team at IDRsolutions.She enjoys creating and managing content for social media platforms and film.

My Year in Industry at IDRsolutions so far

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I have been a part of IDRsolutions for nearly seven months and what a ride it has been so far! I thought it would be worth sharing my experience. It feels really strange that we are interviewing candidates for next year this week but I wanted to share my experiences so they could decide if IDRsolutions is the right place for them.

Introduction to working in the software industry

In the first few weeks, working in the software industry was almost like a going through culture shock. Even though I had been surrounded by software for nearly a decade daily (both in my personal and academic life)and knew of its impact on a multitude of aspects; I didn’t fully understand it until I was surrounded by it. One of the things that I had to learn was the “slang”-TLA’s and lots of words that are part of the native speaker’s dictionary. Gradually, I started picking these up and gathering a better understanding of how things worked and once the adaptation period was over I began to appreciate it a lot more.

IT is an industry that is constantly changing and reinventing itself. The big buzzwords and trends like AI, blockchain and the cloud are still relevant, but maybe in ways, we didn’t expect in 2019. This means that you have to be ready to adapt at all times and keep in the edge of your seat to see what changes might come.

The unique way of working was also a very pleasant surprise. Sadly we don’t have table tennis tables or video game rooms but that doesn’t mean flexibility does not exist. We are able to arrange our work schedule around what works best for us in terms of commute or working from home.

Working in a smaller company and the corporate social misfits

Feeling like a key member of the team once you start working has been an incredible benefit- I get to try out my own ideas and fit what I do around with my strengths and weaknesses, what I want to learn and achieve. It also means that decisions are made with input from everyone and in a very transparent way.

Learning lots

Since the day that I started, I have felt like every day has been a learning opportunity. Whether it is testing a new CRM tool or learning about how decisions on small businesses are made, I have felt like I have learnt something new every day whether that is formal or informal training or a lunch-time conversation.


Within IDRsolutions, there are many opportunities- working with interesting people, constant on the job learning, having our Friday afternoons dedicated to personal development and testing your ideas on a real-life scenario. One of my personal highlights was to attend BoS in Boston and learn a lot from a few of the most interesting people in the Software Industry.

Everything that I learnt so far will also be useful once I go back to University and into the graduate market. I have learnt a lot about myself (I think I can now answer the “What are your key strengths and weaknesses ?” interview question much more accurately) and my plans for the future. I sometimes think of my placement as a 365-day trial of the software industry which I will apply to my final year of university where I will be much more motivated and organised and have a better understanding of how what I have learnt in my degree works in practice.

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Madalena Madalena is part of the Marketing and Sales team at IDRsolutions.She enjoys creating and managing content for social media platforms and film.

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