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Why use PDF as a file format

A lot of people ask why the PDF file format is so popular? After all, it can be very hard to edit it.  Well,...
Mark Stephens
22 sec read

Understanding the PDF File format series

We have been publishing a series of articles entitled Understanding the PDF file format. In each article we try to take a specific PDF...
Mark Stephens
11 sec read

Understanding the PDF file format – PDF Object streams

PDFObject streams are a very useful feature added to the PDF specification which introduces a new type of PDF object. Until they arrived, PDF...
Mark Stephens
1 min read

Martha Lane Fox on Digital disruption and social exclusion

It has nothing to do with Java or PDF but everything to do with the software industry and how we might use them. Every...
Mark Stephens
26 sec read

Java ME vs Java SE – a few thoughts

I have been doing a lot of work to create a JavaME version of our JPedal PDF viewer, so I thought some observations might...
Chris Wade
1 min read