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Java ME vs Java SE – a few thoughts

I have been doing a lot of work to create a JavaME version of our JPedal PDF viewer, so I thought some observations might...
Chris Wade
1 min read

Useful PDF tools – pdfedit

Developing a PDF viewer means spending a lot of time ripping apart PDF files to see what exactly is going on. So I am...
Mark Stephens
1 min read

Tell Adobe what you like about Acrobat

Adobe has a put out a video inviting users to share they stories about what they like about Acrobat. It is organised by Lori...
Mark Stephens
26 sec read

Make your own PDF file – 1: PDF Objects…

This series of articles is part of my learning experience and intended to give you a practical tour of how a PDF document works. I’m...
2 min read

IText has a slick new website

We have always been fans of Itext – it is a great tool for creating and editing PDF files, there are free and commercial...
Mark Stephens
25 sec read