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Java print bug

I had a really horrible Java print bug today 🙁 I had a sample PDF file with some large rotated text on one of...
Mark Stephens
41 sec read

Eclipse PDF viewer plugin and the marketplace

We have always offered a free PDF viewer plugin which is a nifty little plugin to not only allow you to view and search...
Mark Stephens
42 sec read

Welcome to the new Java PDF blog

The Java PDF blog has been going for over a year now and we have decided that we would like to move it onto...
Mark Stephens
24 sec read

Adobe’s thoughts on Open Source and Open Standards

Adobe is a very important player in not just the PDF arena but a whole host of critical areas. As the producers of Flash,...
Mark Stephens
27 sec read

Punctuation ?

So what is punctuation? This may seem like a simple question yet I find myself asking it more and more often whilst working on...
Kieran France
1 min read