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Advantages of JBIG2 compression in PDF explained

JBIG2 Compression in PDF Explained: There is a really good article explaining what JBIG2 compression does and why it is a good thing written...
Mark Stephens
28 sec read

Using Java Page co-ordinates

We make extensive use of Java Page co-ordinates in JPedal, which we convert both into PDF co-ordinates and also relative offsets. I have been...
Kieran France
1 min read

Why you should speak at the Business of Software…

Last year, I was lucky enough to be part of the speaking contest at the Business of Software conference, and you can see the...
Mark Stephens
1 min read

Working out PDF page size in inches or centimetres

The size of a PDF is generally defined by the CropBox or MediaBox setting for each page. This is the number of pixels. This...
Mark Stephens
45 sec read

Convert PDF to grayscale or black and white

PDFs are designed to use full colour with transparency. We generally use ARGB to provide the best quality display of PDF content and we...
Mark Stephens
59 sec read