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JavaOne 2013 – Technical Keynote

JavaOne is in full swing once more in San Francisco, and one of the highlights is always the technical keynote where Mark Reinhold rallies...
Mark Stephens
2 min read

Your next computer/gadget is a no-brainer

One of the hottest current gadgets around is a small 30 dollar computer called the Raspberry Pi. It may not be the fastest piece...
Mark Stephens
1 min read

JavaFX at JavaOne 2012 – Oracle have been busy

JavaOne features a large number of sessions on JavaFX – and rightly so. JavaFX now uses the same naming system as Java (so it...
Mark Stephens
45 sec read

Highlights from JavaOne 2012 Day 0 – Sunday

The GlassFish party at The Thirsty Bear deserves a mention – unfortunately I did not get any photos from there. Arun got one of...
Leon Atherton
44 sec read

Code One 2018 – Day Three talks and Groundbreakers…

Here are my notes from the talks I attended on Day Three at CodeOne (the successor toJavaOne). We have a summary report on our 4 highlights...
Mark Stephens
5 min read