GlassFish is an open-source application server project started by Sun Microsystems for the Java EE platform and now sponsored by Oracle Corporation.


Highlights from JavaOne 2012 Day 0 – Sunday

The GlassFish party at The Thirsty Bear deserves a mention – unfortunately I did not get any photos from there. Arun got one of...
Leon Atherton
44 sec read

A simple Glassfish example in NetBeans – a little…

Seeing as I am giving a short talk at JavaOne 2012 concerning GlassFish and our usage of it and how potentially it could help...
Lyndon Armitage
2 min read

NetBeans day at JavaOne 2012

The sunday of JavaOne is often one of the best days of the show as lots of less formal events are organised by the...
Mark Stephens
1 min read

What does GlassFish actually do?

GlassFish has a ‘bit of a sales’ problem. It is a multi-purpose utility that is very flexible. So it is not really very easy...
Mark Stephens
53 sec read

Glassfish unconference at Javaone 2012?

One of my best ‘discoveries’ at Javaone 2011 was the Glassfish unconference – a one day event before Javaone proper starts where you could...
Mark Stephens
33 sec read