PDF Coons Shading – find color value of given…

In my previous article I investigated and wrote about A beginners guide to PDF lattice shading and in this article I will be focusing...
2 min read

Java testing using FindBugs and PMD in NetBeans

As we all know bugs in a software could be difficult to find and fix. Therefore many tools and techniques have been developed in...
Sylwia Dorota Kedzia
2 min read

Updating all your Fogbugz colleagues using a virtual user

At IDRsolutions we are big fans of Fog Creek’s FogBugz issue tracking software. We find it has just the right balance of simplicity and...
Mark Stephens
1 min read

The 8 Cool Raspberry Pi Operating Systems/Projects for Beginners

At IDR Solutions we spend a lot of our time developing our Java PDF Library and PDF to HTML5 Converter. Recently we have been getting involved in...
Alex Marshall
4 min read

Java 8 Default Methods Explained in 5 minutes

In my previous articles, we have looked at Java 8 Lambda Expressions and Streams. In this article will be looking at Defaults Methods which...
Ernest Duodu
2 min read