JavaOne is an annual conference inaugurated in 1996 by Sun Microsystems to discuss Java technologies, primarily among Java developers. JavaOne is held in San Francisco, California.


What does GlassFish actually do?

GlassFish has a ‘bit of a sales’ problem. It is a multi-purpose utility which is very flexible. So it is not really very easy...
Mark Stephens
53 sec read

Glassfish unconference at Javaone 2012?

One of my best ‘discoveries’ at Javaone 2011 was the Glassfish unconference – a one day event before Javaone proper starts where you could...
Mark Stephens
33 sec read

Based in San Francisco or Silicon valley area and…

IDRsolutions will be at Javaone in San Francisco where we will have both a booth at the exhibition (5111 next to Itext and opposite...
Mark Stephens
37 sec read

What will you be learning about at Javaone 2012?

One of the best reasons to attend Javaone is the quality of the talks that are given. I personally find the keynotes the least...
Mark Stephens
59 sec read

PDF talk at Javaone

We were very pleased to see that our talk has been accepted for Javaone 2012. We will be doing a BOF at Javaone titled...
Mark Stephens
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