PDF to HTML5 conversion – Truetype fonts

One of my favourite features of the PDF File Format is the ability to embed Truetype fonts inside the actual PDF file. This means...
Mark Stephens
58 sec read

PDF to HTML5 conversion – video

The PDF file format allows you to embed video directly inside a PDF file. So, I wondered, how easy would it be to write...
Mark Stephens
30 sec read

PDF to HTML5 conversion – Pricing strategy

We are generally very pleased with the progress on our PDF to HTML convertor. It works very well on a lot of files so...
Mark Stephens
38 sec read

PDF to HTML5 conversion – development update

The beta program on our new Java PDF to HTML5 conversion application has been running for several months now and we have had some...
Mark Stephens
45 sec read

PDF to HTML5 conversion – Text and fonts (Part…

When substituting fonts, there is one important questions we need to solve… What happens if we do not recognise the font? There are 3...
Mark Stephens
33 sec read