Ovidijus Okinskas

  Ovi is a Software Developer, currently working on BuildVu and improving internal processes. He enjoys self-help reading, batch-cooking and card games.


4 Stories by Ovidijus Okinskas

What is a package manager and why should you use one?

What is a package manager and why is it useful? A package manager is a programming language’s tool to create project environments and easily...
2 min read

Why we use Hudson and Jenkins

Hudson is a continuous integration server for Java development. The development of this platform started with Hudson while Jenkins was forked from Hudson when...
1 min read

5 tips for getting the most out of Apache NetBeans Day UK

Apache NetBeans Day UK 2018 is fast approaching – Friday 27th April at the University of Greenwich. If you have not yet registered for...
1 min read

How to run CheckStyle, PMD and FindBugs from Maven

What is static program analysis? Static analysis provides testing against code bases and binaries without the execution of any code. IDEs do this too...
2 min read