What Java version is needed to run our software?

Here at IDRsolutions we have recently reviewed which versions of Java we support for running our online document viewer, Java PDF library, ImageIO replacement and...
Bethan Palmer
54 sec read

Customer Review – How DIEESE use BuildVu to display…

Dieese – Departamento Intersindical de Estatistica e Estudos Socioeconomicos – is a 60 years old non-profit and educational institution linked to worker unions, and...
52 sec read

Running BuildVu from other languages

A question we get asked pretty often is “Can we use your library to convert PDF to HTML5 with ?” The answer?...
2 min read

5 Recent BuildVu Updates – May 2018

At IDRsolutions we’re always busy making sure to release a steady stream of updates for our customers. Alongside general improvements such as improving support...
Leon Atherton
1 min read

Displaying documents online with BuildVu

Last month we had an exciting announcement: we have released our new online document viewer, BuildVu. What is BuildVu? BuildVu is a high-end online...
Bethan Palmer
56 sec read