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Improve your sales process with the Hubspot Playbooks Tool

A few months ago we started using Hubspot to manage our sales process. So far we are really pleased with how it has made...
Bethan Palmer
43 sec read

Did you know that the Basecamp Playbook is on…

Basecamp is an important tool for us at IDRsolutions. We use it for all our internal communications and documentation. It is our single source...
1 min read

How can the Atlassian Playbook help you improve your…

At IDRsolutions we are always looking for good resources that can help us improve our workflow. One really good tool is the Atlassian playbook. This...
Bethan Palmer
1 min read

Book review of Digital minimalism by Cal Newport

  We are big fans of Cal Newport, and we have a very well thumbed copy of Deep Work in the Company book library....
Mark Stephens
1 min read

Book Review: Future Politics (Living together in  a world…

The latest book by Jamie Susskind is a must-read for anyone who wanders (or worries) how technology might change and impact society. Richard Susskind...
Mark Stephens
2 min read

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