PDF inspector now available on JPedal

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Java PDF Inspector

Today marks a brand new release of JPedal and with it comes some exciting new features including a PDF inspector!

Limit Decode Slider

The Limit Decode Slider allows you to pause the decoding of a PDF file at a given command. You can then increment through commands to see precisely how the PDF file is drawn. The right-hand pane displays each command in blue and its associated data above it in black. TJ commands also output their resolved text directly below themselves.

Limit Decode Slider

Object Viewer

The Object Viewer allows you to see the internal tree structure of a PDF file and how all the objects are related to one another. Each node in the tree contains the object’s reference, its type (i.e. dictionary, stream, array), and if it has one, its /Type key (i.e. /XObject). You may click on an object to view its contents in the right-hand pane.

Object Tree Viewer

Object Highlighting

The Object and Xref Viewers now highlight the tokens in objects. Below is a list of colors and what they mean.

Dictionary KeyOrange
Dictionary ValueCyan
Object ReferenceRed

The most recent version of the colors is available here.

Learn more

You can read more about the JPedal’s PDF Inspector on our support site.

The JPedal PDF library allows you to

Display PDF files in Java Apps
View PDF files in Java
Convert PDF Files to image