Using FindBugs to squash bugs in Java with NetBeans…

Improving your code In 2014, IDRsolutions have been busy adding FindBugs tests which we run on our Java PDF library and PDF to HTML5/SVG converter. So...
Laurence Squires
3 min read

6 Tips for Optimising SVG Files

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) has seen a rapid increase in usage in recent years since being included in the HTML5 specification as web browsers...
Leon Atherton
1 min read

Improving Image Output Performance in Java

A common complaint from Java developers when using ImageIO in Java is that it is both slow to write out images, and that the...
Leon Atherton
1 min read

Beware JavaScript Layout Thrashing!

What is Layout Thrashing? Layout Thrashing is where a web browser has to reflow or repaint a web page many times before the page...
Leon Atherton
2 min read