Support is when you are able to receive help or advice on a subject which is relevant.


Announcing our new support site

Here at IDRsolutions we have been working on improving how we provide support to our customers. One of the ways we have done this...
Bethan Palmer
45 sec read

Using Zendesk or Jira Service Desk to provide customer…

Support and the way it is being provided to customers has been evolving over the last few years. Previously support may have been done...
2 min read

Improving support and documentation

We are always looking for ways to improve support and documentation for our users. So you will see 2 new changes this week. Support...
Mark Stephens
9 min read

Support site license pricing change on 1st February

The annual fee we charge for support site licenses has remained unchanged for 5 years so it will be going up from 180 US...
Mark Stephens
13 sec read

PDF questions – where should you ask them

The PDF file format is a very common format, and also quite a complex one. So you may well want to ask some questions....
Mark Stephens
1 min read