Cycling Golden Gate Bridge at Code One 2018

This year, there are no Community events on Sunday – a free day to enjoy the sounds and sites of San Francisco. I have...
Mark Stephens
42 sec read

Open invitation to bike ride at Oracle CodeOne

It is an unwritten rule at IDRsolutions, that when we visit a city for a conference we always like to explore. We climbed the...
Mark Stephens
37 sec read

IDRsolutions will be in Boston and San Francisco in…

IDRsolutions will be in USA in September and October to attend two conferences. We will be in Boston at the end of September for...
Mark Stephens
58 sec read

Trip of a lifetime to Japan

Leon, Mark and Sophia have just returned from an amazing (and very hot) week in Japan. We went out there to see our new...
Mark Stephens
15 sec read