Alicia is part of the IDRsolutions marketing team. She enjoys creating new and innovative content and running our social media channels.


9 Stories by Alicia

What is GIF?

What is GIF? GIF is a lossless, bitmap image format which became popular on the world wide web because it supports transparency and simple...
34 sec read

What is JPEG2000?

What is JPEG2000? JPEG2000 is an image decoding standard that was originally developed in 1997-2000 as a replacement for the original JPEG file format....
58 sec read

Why convert PDF Documents to HTML

In this article I will be discussing the many reasons why you should convert your PDF documents into HTML. For instances HTML allows you...
1 min read

How to handle unsupported Image, Video and Audio formats in your web applications

Unsupported formats can be tricky to navigate. In this article we are going to talk you through different options on how you can work...
1 min read

What Image, Video and Audio formats are supported in your Web Browser

There are many different formats when it comes to image, video, and audio. Some of these formats are supported whilst others are not. It...
43 sec read