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Custom HTML Font Mapping in PDF to HTML conversion

I’ve been trying to find a decent way for users of our PDF to HTML5 converter to adjust the fonts to their taste.  At the moment...
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Turn a Jar in to a Mac app complete with Installer

We have a few different examples packaged up in JPedal that can be started by setting system properties with the -D flag from the...
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JAI Memory Leak Source Changes

Since posting the previous article I haven’t had much luck commiting my image-io change back to the JAI repository.  We have also had a...
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Java JAI image-io jpeg2000 Memory Leak fix

One of our customers sent in a support request regarding a memory leak which was assigned to me to investigate.  It actually turned out...
19 1 min read

Java images – What is happening with JAI?

We got a support request with regards to JPedals use of the JAI libraries this week.  In doing so I realised our links to...
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