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10 Stories by Daniel

Java JAI image-io jpeg2000 Memory Leak fix

One of our customers sent in a support request regarding a memory leak which was assigned to me to investigate.  It actually turned out...
1 min read

Open source software that uses JPedal LGPL

It never ceases to amaze us what creative ways people find to use our library. Unfortunately a lot of these are commercial ones we...
37 sec read

Make your own PDF file – Part 6: Graphics State

It would be nice to get some color on the screen this time round and in doing so give a introduction to the Graphics...
1 min read

Make your own PDF file – Part 5: Path objects

As shown in one of my Part 3: DIY Blank Page, a Pdf is drawn using a load of commands that sit in stream...
1 min read

Make your own PDF file. Part 4: Hello World PDF

Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth I talked about the different objects that are used to form a Pdf file.  One type I mentioned...
2 min read