Leon Atherton

  http://blog.idrsolutions.com/author/leon/ Leon is a developer at IDRsolutions and product manager for BuildVu. He oversees the BuildVu product strategy and roadmap in addition to spending lots of time writing code.


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JPDF2HTML5 2016 Roundup and looking ahead to 2017

With 2016 drawing to close and 2017 right around the corner, it’s a good time to reflect on the progress we have made with...
0 1 min read

What Chrome 45 dropping NPAPI Plug-in support means

With the recent news that Google has now killed off NPAPI plugins in Chrome 45, it has left many wondering exactly what NPAPI plugins...
1 3 min read


If you use JPDF2HTML5, hopefully we have made you aware by now that there were some upcoming changes. We’re pleased to announce that those...
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Upcoming JPDF2HTML5 Changes – Request for Feedback

We would like to greatly simplify the JPDF2HTML5 converter by changing the way that our view modes and navigation modes work. The plan is...
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Using Trello as a tool to manage Sprints for Agile and Scrum

We are big fans of Trello at IDRSolutions and have several boards that we use for different purposes. One of the ways that we...
8 3 min read