Rob is a developer at IDRSolutions, currently working on JPedal and the BuildVu Microservice Example, including the Ruby, Python and C# Clients.
In his spare time he enjoys riding his motorcycle, playing guitar in his band and studying languages that don’t require a semicolon at the end of each line (including Bulgarian and Solidity).

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How to improve your code using SonarQube

Code quality is arguably one of the most important parts of Software Development – badly written code can cost time and money as you’ll waste time working out what code actually does before you can do anything with it. There are many ways to prevent bad quality code from being written, but they often involve…

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How we are improving security in our products

Security has made some big headlines recently, with the Spectre and Meltdown issues affecting processors being the most notable ones. Here at IDRSolutions, we’ve been hard at work improving the security in our products. Here are a couple of features we’ve added recently to our Java PDF library: Support for PDF files encrypted using AES-256…

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Pictures from Wednesday at Devoxx

Here are our pictures from Wednesday at Devoxx. You can find our pictures from Monday here and Tuesday here. Devoxx is now officially in full force – with the deep dives over, the conference floor and theatres are packed with people. First up, Stephan Janssen kicked off the day with the welcoming keynote: Immediately followed…

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Pictures from Monday at Devoxx

8am Monday morning, the first thing we saw after getting through registration was plenty of food to keep you fuelled between sessions… one of the many reasons Devoxx is the best Developer conference in Europe. Slightly disappointed however – I couldn’t find any croissants… First, we dropped by a session on using Tensorflow to create…

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