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How to read BMP images in Java

In this article, I will be writing about BMP images and how to read them in Java. What is BMP? A BMP, bitmap image file, is a file format which stores images. It supports 2d images in monochrome (one colour) and colour. The BMP file format supports 2 file extensions including .bmp and .dib (Device…

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How to read SGI images in Java

In our ongoing series about Handling common image file formats in Java we move our focus onto how we can read SGI images in Java. What is SGI? SGI (Silicon Graphics Image) is a file type of images with the extensions .sgi and .rgb. It has 2-channel support (.bw for black and white), 3-channel support…

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How to read PSD images in Java

In these series of ‘How to’ articles I will be focusing how we can read PSD images in Java. What is PSD? PSD (Photoshop Document) is a format used by the popular Adobe Photoshop. The software which has its own format is used by many people for graphic designing and image editing. It uses the…

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