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What are the WMF and EMF Image File formats?

Windows Metafile (WMF) and Enhanced MetaFile (EMF) are 2 linked image formats developed by Microsoft since the 1990s. Enhanced MetaFile is essentially an updated...
Mark Stephens
41 sec read

The 2017 Guide to PDF Files – Text in…

Introduction In my last article, I mentioned how well PDF integrates text along with common issues with text inside PDFs. In this article, I will...
2 min read

The 2017 Guide to PDF Files – Creation II

Last time, we showed you how to write your own PDF file. This is useful for understanding the complexities of PDF files (and why...
Mark Stephens
1 min read

How to make a PDF file manually

PDF Files are very complex files and we always recommend you use a library such as JPedal when working with them. But it is...
Mark Stephens
59 sec read

What is a PDF file?

IDRSolutions has been PDF Developer libraries since 2003 to Display, View and Convert PDF files. So sometimes take them for granted. Here we try...
Sophia Howard
1 min read