Mark Stephens I have been working with Java and PDF since 1999 and am a big NetBeans fan. I enjoy speaking at conferences. I have an MA in Medieval History and a passion for reading.


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Key takeaways on upgrading to Java 12

This month we are looking at the impending Java 12 release. In other articles, we cover Changes to Garbage Collection in Java 12. In...
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What is Skara (and why does it matter)?

This month we are focusing on OpenJDK projects you should know about. In this post, we will be covering Project Skara. In other posts we...
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Experimenting with Basecamp release cycles and product changes in 2019

Every year, we have a big review and rethink over the Christmas holiday. This year, our thinking was heavily influenced by the excellent new...
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Adding multi-jar and Jigsaw support to JPedal and JDeli

One of the really exciting features added into Java 9 was the ability to have a multiple-jar release. This means that you can have...
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Downsampling by averaging

All the techniques for downsampling involve tradeoffs in terms of speed, quality, and memory usage. They also tend to do better on some types...
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