IntelliJ IDEA plugin is a plugin with a robust ecosystem, and has inspired many Java developers to write plug-ins, from J2EE to code editing tools to games.


The top 11 Free IDE for Java Coding, Development…

At IDR Solutions we spend a lot of our time working with Java as our JPedal Java PDF Library, BuildVu PDF to HTML5/SVG converter ...
Alex Marshall
6 min read

5 tools to help you write better Java Code

At IDR Solutions we are always looking at ways to improve our Java PDF Library and our PDF to HTML5 Converter. The best way...
Alex Marshall
3 min read

Indenting your own code

Code indentation is very important in making your code readable and easy to follow. Recently we have considered how to format our own code...
Kieran France
1 min read

Customising your keyboard shortcuts in NetBeans IDE

One of my favourite features of NetBeans IDE is the ease with which you can customise the keyboard shortcuts. This feature is accessed from...
Mark Stephens
49 sec read