customer service

Why we use Zendesk for customer support

Providing our customers with support is a key focus at IDRsolutions, and as time progresses keeping track of all the various bugs/issues and questions...
Daniel Warren
2 min read

Why we will be switching to Hubspot for our…

Recently we decided to switch to Hubspot to manage our sales operation. We wanted to make it simple for customers to get the sales...
Bethan Palmer
1 min read

What Java version is needed to run our software?

Here at IDRsolutions we have recently reviewed which versions of Java we support for running our online document viewer, Java PDF library, ImageIO replacement and...
Bethan Palmer
54 sec read

Introducing our new Japanese distributor

At IDRsolutions, we are always looking for ways to improve the service we can provide to our clients. One of the things we are...
Mark Stephens
56 sec read

A comparison of 3 online Help Desks

A comparison of three Help Desks This year at IDRsolutions we had decided that we wanted to improve our sales operation and the way...
Sophia Matarazzo
3 min read