JavaOne is an annual conference inaugurated in 1996 by Sun Microsystems to discuss Java technologies, primarily among Java developers. JavaOne is held in San Francisco, California. This is all about JavaOne 2014.

JavaOne 2014

JavaOne Konferencja 2014 z mojej perspektywy

Już kilka dni minęło od zakończenia Konferencji JavaOne w San Francisco, California. Tegoroczna Konferencja odbywająca się w dniach 28/09/2014 – 02/10/2014 zgromadziła ogólnoświatowe grono...
Sylwia Dorota Kedzia
2 min read

Java PDF Podcasts – JavaOne 2014 Aftermath

Welcome to another Java PDF Podcast, this time we have another special feature covering the aftermath of JavaOne 2014. In this special Podcast Alex...
Alex Marshall
1 min read

My Key takeaways from JavaOne Community Keynote

Today is the last day of JavaOne and features the JavaOne Community keynote. The talk was very action-packed 2 and half hour session (and...
Mark Stephens
3 min read

JavaOne 2014 – Our Pictures and Experiences of being…

JavaOne 2014 is one of the biggest events related to Java and it is now underway! IDR Solutions is an Exhibitor at JavaOne 2014...
Alex Marshall
58 sec read

JavaOne 2014 – My Day One 6 Key Takeaways

The next day of JavaOne 2014 will start in a few hours. It is an excellent time to find out about the new technology,...
Sylwia Dorota Kedzia
1 min read