How to use the Oracle Java Cloud Service with…

At IDR Solutions I mainly work on the Development of the JPedal Java PDF Library and PDF to HTML5 Converter. Recently I have also spent...
Georgia Ingham
5 min read

Should we still support Java 5 in 2013?

Backwards compatability is always a difficult balance. Each version of Java makes changes to the language and also (perhaps more importantly) fixes issues in...
Mark Stephens
36 sec read

5 key things I learnt at Javaone2012

Having had a long plane ride back from San Francisco, I have had some time to mull over a very hectic and exciting week...
Mark Stephens
1 min read

Highlights from JavaOne 2012 Day 0 – Sunday

The GlassFish party at The Thirsty Bear deserves a mention – unfortunately I did not get any photos from there. Arun got one of...
Leon Atherton
44 sec read

What will you be learning about at Javaone 2012?

One of the best reasons to attend Javaone is the quality of the talks that are given. I personally find the keynotes the least...
Mark Stephens
59 sec read