Georgia Ingham


Georgia is a Java Developer at IDRSolutions. She is currently working along side the team on the development of JPedal and JPDf2HTML5. Her hobbies include reading and cycling.


35 Stories by Georgia Ingham

7 ways we have improved our core code base

We are continually trying to improve our code base, and not just by adding new features, but by going back to our core code...
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Java 10’s Experimental JIT Compiler explained in 5 minutes

This month’s theme is Java 10 to tie in with the release of the new Java version. Despite being only 6 months since Java...
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What’s new in JUnit 5?

This month our posts are focusing on code quality and we have already covered how you can use IDEs to improve your code to...
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Converting your PDF files to HTML5 with PDF2HTML5 

Recently we announced our updated product range for 2018 and are introducing two new products named PDF2HTML5 and PDF2SVG along with rebranding some existing...
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Brief Overview of Security features offered by the PDF file format

As security is an ever present issue we thought we would highlight some security features offered by the PDF file format that can be...
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