Web Open Font Format (WOFF) is an open format for using fonts on the Web. People design fonts, save or convert them to WOFF and use other technologies (like HTML, CSS, SVG) to tell browsers and other software which fonts to download and apply.


Why are fonts so complicated?

I do a lot of work with fonts, and when I tell people this they often seem surprised – surely there can’t be that...
Sam Howard
2 min read

OTS Sanitiser for OpenType: The friendly bouncer

We’ve mentioned the Sanitiser for OpenType (OTS) before, but have never really gone into detail about why it exists, what it does, and why...
Sam Howard
1 min read

6 tools for making fonts work in browsers

One part of writing a PDF converter is making sure that the fonts embedded within the PDF are accessible to the target platform. For...
Sam Howard
3 min read

HTML5 and SVG font support (or 3 reasons to…

When writing our PDF to HTML5 and SVG font converter, the biggest headache has been making the fonts work (the PDF file format allows...
Mark Stephens
52 sec read