Bethan Palmer Bethan is a Java developer and a Java Champion. She has spoken at conferences including JavaOne/Code One, DevFest and NetBeans days. She has a degree in English Literature.


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Java 12’s JVM Constants API explained in 5 minutes

This month we are focusing on Java 12 new features you should know about. In other articles, we cover Changes to Garbage Collection in...
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Image File Formats Index

Here at IDRsolutions we have written our own Java image library called JDeli to replace ImageIO. We have lots of articles about how to...
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Changes to Garbage Collection in Java 12

This month we are looking at the impending Java 12 release. In other articles, we cover Key takeaways on upgrading to Java 12. We...
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OpenJDK projects you should know about in 2019

There are several OpenJDK projects being worked on at the moment. These are collaborative efforts, contributed by groups of participants. Each project is aimed...
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OpenJDK Projects you should know about: Amber

This month we are focusing on OpenJDK projects you should know about. So far we have already coveredĀ Valhalla, Panama, Loom, and Skara. This time...
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