Bethan Palmer Bethan is a Java developer and product manager at IDRsolutions. She has spoken at conferences including JavaOne/Code One, DevFest and NetBeans days and is a Java Champion. She has a degree in English Literature.


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OpenJDK projects you should know about: Valhalla

This month we are focusing on OpenJDK projects you should know about. This time we will be covering Valhalla. Next time we will looking...
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Image Scaling Index

On our blog we have several posts about scaling images with Java. While developing our Java Image Library, JDeli, we have explored several different...
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Image scaling options in Java

When scaling up a bitmap image, more data is needed than is provided by the original image. So algorithms are used to guess what...
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Why we will be switching to Hubspot for our sales process in 2019

Recently we decided to switch to Hubspot to manage our sales operation. We wanted to make it simple for customers to get the sales...
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What Java version is needed to run our software?

Here at IDRsolutions we have recently reviewed which versions of Java we support for running our online document viewer, Java PDF library, ImageIO replacement and...
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