Bethan is a Java developer at IDR Solutions and was a speaker at JavaOne 2016. She has a degree in English Literature and in her spare time enjoys sports including running and handball.

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Java 9 Articles – Series Index

The General Availability release for Java 9 is out now… Here at IDRsolutions we have busy been researching and testing all the key new features in Java 9, as well as some of the hidden things you might have missed. In this series we have put together some tutorials to explain what they are, why…

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An introduction to Java 9

Here at IDRSolutions we spend a lot of time writing code in Java, and we are very excited about the release of JDK 9 which is coming soon. We already run a daily test to make sure that our code builds on Java 9, and since April 2017 the minimum requirement to run our products has been JDK 8…

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