Chris Wade Chris developed much of the Forms handling code and also the hooks for the XFA.


4 Stories by Chris Wade

What are XFA Forms?

In this article I aim to provide an general introduction to XFA forms, the XML Forms Architecture, and how the data is stored in...
1 min read

What are AcroForms?

AcroForms are the original Forms technology added to the PDF file format to provide interactive form elements such at radio buttons, text fields, combo...
1 min read

How to Convert PDF co-ordinates to Java co-ordinates

How do Java co-ordinates work? Java is a top, left system, which means 0,0 is in the top, left corner of the screen with...
1 min read

PDF mystery – what is the correct value for a Text Field?

I came across an interesting issue with PDF Text fields while debugging a file this week. We were sent a 2 page document created...
1 min read