Ernest Duodu

  Ernest is a Java developer. Outside programming, he also enjoys a wide variety of hobbies which includes sky-diving, photography, exercising and listening to music.


21 Stories by Ernest Duodu

10 things Developers should know about Windows 10

Now that windows 10 is out, I thought it might be a good idea to take a look at what it brings and whether...
1 2 min read

How to test your Java Application using PMD, and Jenkins

In the previous articles, Previous whilst working on various projects at IDR Solutions I went through the process of how to build your own...
0 1 min read

Setting up Continuous Testing with Jenkins

Whether working on a small or or large project, it is always crucial to have some form of testing. At IDR Solutions we spend...
0 2 min read

How to Build Java Projects with Apache ANT

In this tutorial, i will show you how to build your Java Application with Apache Ant. At IDR Solutions 90% of our test is...
0 2 min read

How to upload your Java artifact to Maven Central

Previously I wrote an article about hosting an article about hosting an article on GitHub. This time I will show you how to host...
3 2 min read