Kieran France Kieran France is a programmer for IDRSolutions. He enjoys tinkering with most things including gadgets, code and electronics. He spends his time working on the the JPedal library and our internal test suite..


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3 presents I would like to receive for Christmas as a Coder

Apparently I am hard to buy for so I decided to take a look at gift ideas and made this list of 3 presents...
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A cluttered desk is actually a good thing

A cluttered desk is actually a good thing for me. It is my external memory. Apart from a few times a year when I...
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Creating easily extendible Tests in Java with Junit

Recently I have been working on recoding some of our Continuous tests, changing from using Fest to using Jemmy in conjunction with JUnit. This...
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3 programs on my taskbar and why they are there

At IDR Solutions often I am quite busy working on code and other times I am involved in creating content for the JavaPDF Blog. ...
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Improving PDF text search in JPedal

I have been working on PDF search and felt it was time to share some enhancements and changes with you… Just over a month...
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