Leon Atherton

  http://blog.idrsolutions.com/author/leon/ Leon is a developer at IDRsolutions and product manager for BuildVu. He oversees the BuildVu product strategy and roadmap in addition to spending lots of time writing code.


70 Stories by Leon Atherton

Image Optimisation: What PNGQuant is and why you should use it

What is PNGQuant? PNGQuant is a free to use, open source (available under a BSD-like license) command line utility and library for converting PNG...
0 3 min read

Adding Annotations to Web Content with Annotator.js

Annotator.js is an open-source (available on GitHub) JavaScript library created by the Open Knowledge Foundation that allows you to add annotations to web pages....
0 59 sec read

How to fill shapes on HTML5 Canvas using EvenOdd winding rule

A little over a year ago, I wrote a short series of articles that talked about Canvas’ inability to fill shapes using the even-odd...
0 1 min read

Measure content performance with Analytics – Why convert PDF magazines to HTML5? Part 7

One of the things that all good content producers rely heavily on is analytics. Analytics give you the opportunity to see what is doing...
0 1 min read

Images in SVG: Beware of Aspect Ratio!

SVG is a fantastic technology that is becoming increasingly popular as our web browsers get increasingly more powerful. I actually think that SVG offers...
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