Lyndon Armitage Lyndon is a general Developer. He has a keen interest in AI and Games Programming and runs a blog that he periodically updates.


17 Stories by Lyndon Armitage

Making a jQuery PDF Viewer

JQuery is one of the most popular JavaScript Frameworks around (for good reason), it gives you ability to access and manipulate the HTML DOM...
2 2 min read

Check if a PDF is valid using the HTML5 File API

Using the HTML5 File API to validate PDF Files Recently in my own time I have been familiarizing myself with the HTML5 File API....
2 5 min read

Save time, Test your Code Part 2

In the last blog post I explained how our baseline test works and it’s pros and cons, if you missed it you can find...
0 3 min read

Save time, Test your Code Part 1

In a previous blog post, Sam mentioned that we often have to test on and account for differences between browsers, and that using a...
2 2 min read

iOS and HTML5: Gotcha with Absolute Positioning

One of the aims of our PDF to HTML5 converter and all of it’s various view modes (all 9 of them) was to make...
13 4 min read