Lyndon Armitage Lyndon is a general Developer. He has a keen interest in AI and Games Programming and runs a blog that he periodically updates.


6 Stories by Lyndon Armitage

Making a jQuery PDF Viewer

JQuery is one of the most popular JavaScript Frameworks around (for good reason), it gives you ability to access and manipulate the HTML DOM...
2 min read

Check if a PDF is valid using the HTML5 File API

Using the HTML5 File API to validate PDF Files Recently in my own time I have been familiarizing myself with the HTML5 File API....
5 min read

iOS and HTML5: Gotcha with Absolute Positioning

One of the aims of our PDF to HTML5 converter and all of it’s various view modes (all 9 of them) was to make...
4 min read

How to use Jemmy with JUnit in NetBeans

We are always constantly looking to improve and refine our testing. Currently we are looking into improving our tests for forms in our PDF...
59 sec read

JavaScript in PDF to HTML5 Conversion: Introduction

Recently we have begun development on converting the JavaScript contained within PDFs to JavaScript that can be used by any browser browsing the HTML5...
1 min read