Lyndon Armitage Lyndon is a general Developer. He has a keen interest in AI and Games Programming and runs a blog that he periodically updates.


22 Stories by Lyndon Armitage

iOS and HTML5: Gotcha with Absolute Positioning

One of the aims of our PDF to HTML5 converter and all of it’s various view modes (all 9 of them) was to make...
13 4 min read

Automatically Signing Android Applications

With the release of our new PDF to Android Viewer we needed to have a reliable way of building the resulting applications for our...
0 2 min read

How to make use of Nashorn on Java 7

Nashorn is the new Oracle library to replace the reliable and now ageing, Rhino JavaScript engine for Java. It makes use of new JVM...
0 1 min read

Why installing Java 8 may ‘break’ your system

In writing our PDF to Android PDF Viewer application I needed to ensure the source files we output are correct and work in popular...
2 2 min read

Creating an Android PDF Viewer

If you have looked at our conversion pages recently you may of noticed our very snazzy logos demonstrating what formats you can currently convert...
0 2 min read