Nathan Howard Nathan is a Java/HTML5 developer. Nathan also enjoys writing technical blog-articles and playing games in his spare time.


12 Stories by Nathan Howard

The Remote Developers Guide to NAS

At IDRSolutions, we are currently optimizing our testing process by using Hudson and Jenkins. We are running these on our own servers inside our...
3 min read

Another Way to Listen for Object Changes in JavaFX

At IDRSolutions we use JavaFX for several display modes in our Java PDF Viewer. The Problem. We recently encountered an issue when coding in...
1 min read

Tutorial : How To Fix Catastrophic Bugs with NetBeans Debugger

At IDRSolutions we are always innovating, one of our latest projects is a JavaFX implementation of our Swing PDF Viewer. Naturally, with all software, there’s...
4 min read

Tutorial : How To Copy Text in JavaFX and Swing

At IDRSolutions we have a PDF Viewer that has the ability to highlight and copy text, because we are developing a JavaFX implementation of our PDF Viewer we required...
1 min read

Tutorial : How To Change Color Space from Swing to JavaFX

At IDRSolutions we are currently in the process of Developing a JavaFX implementation of our PDFViewer. In previous JavaFX articles I have shown : How to Create...
2 min read