Nathan Howard Nathan is a Java/HTML5 developer. Nathan also enjoys writing technical blog-articles and playing games in his spare time.


20 Stories by Nathan Howard

My 5 Favourite NetBeans Features

Mark Stephens (Lead Developer at IDR Solutions recently wrote an interesting blog article which listed his five favorite NetBeans IDE features, however Mark was...
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Google Dart – The Prophesied Successor?

At IDR Solutionswe use JavaScript with our free online PDF to HTML5 converter so developments in JavaScript are very important to us. For a...
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Optimizing Mozilla Firefox for Developers – The Tricks

Part Two (The Tricks) This article is part two of a two-part series about how to optimise Mozilla Firefox. Part Two (The Tricks) is...
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AppsWorld 2013 – My Takeaways

I recently attended AppsWorld with Sophia Matarazzo (an App Developer at UltraIT) which has been running every year for the past 4 years. And...
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Lessons Learned Using GlassFish and NetBeans

After my talk at JavaOne2013 I felt there was some really useful material which deserved a wider audience so I have decided to use...
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