Sam Howard Sam is a developer at IDRsolutions who specialises in font rendering and conversion. He's also enjoyed working with SVG, Java 3D, Java FX and Swing.


21 Stories by Sam Howard

PDF to HTML5 conversion – Extracting PDF text and mapping glyphs

Text works differently in PDFs and in HTML files, which can make it a surprisingly complex problem to get great output during PDF to...
1 min read

Three Font terminology complications explained

Everyone knows a bit about fonts, but understanding them in more detail is a bit of a niche subject. Niche subjects tend to come...
1 min read

Why are fonts so complicated?

I do a lot of work with fonts, and when I tell people this they often seem surprised – surely there can’t be that...
2 min read

Using OS X’s font validator

Due to a recent problem with a font on OSX, I found myself investigating OSX’s font validator. It actually ships with one which is...
1 min read

How to edit PDF files using Incremental Updates

Mark has previously written about how to edit PDF files by adding a second reference table, and Daniel made a whole series on making...
1 min read