Sam Howard Sam is a developer at IDRsolutions who specialises in font rendering and conversion. He's also enjoyed working with SVG, Java 3D, Java FX and Swing.


21 Stories by Sam Howard

Top 4 problems in PDF CFF Fonts (and we fixed them for our HTML5 conversion)

  One of the most common of the many font formats PDFs support is the Compact Font Format (CFF, also known as Type 2)...
1 min read

3 Reasons why we don’t convert Type 1 glyphs to TrueType

As we’ve discussed before, PDF files can contain a whole bunch of different fonts, but in the end most of them come down to two...
1 min read

Profiling Vs. Sampling in Java’s VisualVM

Most people will already be familiar with profiling, but you might be less aware of the different types of profilers on offer. A recent...
1 min read

Top 5 Free Hosted Version Control Sites Compared

Recently, some friends and I decided to get together and make a good old-fashioned text adventure game. We could have used an existing engine,...
2 min read

What is font hinting? The basics explained.

In the early days of fonts, each glyph was stored as a bitmap at a range of sizes. Drawing it was a simple case...
1 min read